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What Makes A Good Apartment Neighbor In Bloomington?

July 21, 2021

Ladies enjoying shopping and eating ice cream.

Young woman using the eliptical at a gym.

Keep Shared Amenities

Community amenities are a great perk of apartment living providing that Residents remember they are intended for everyone. As a good community member, make sure you provide the chance for your fellow tenants to benefit. Make sure you don’t dominate fitness machines or the ping pong tables. Limit yourself to only one grill and sitting area per session. You should also make sure your kids know to allow others time with the playground or pool too.

Laundry room etiquette is a significant consideration if you want to be a good apartment neighbor in Bloomington. Be aware of the time needed for each cycle and remove your clothing shortly after they’re done to stay on everyone’s good side. Your other option is to look for a place with its own washer and dryer if you don’t want to share.

Follow Community Rules

Your Bloomington apartment property has restrictions to maintain a suitable environment for all, so it’s frustrating if other occupants fail to heed those rules. Good Bloomington apartment neighbors follow those rules. They drive in accordance with speed limits and park in appropriate places. They maintain a clean outdoor area. They observe regulations for using cooking areas, exercise equipment, and swimming pools. Displaying a simple regard for your neighbors helps ensure you and everyone around you have an enjoyable time at your property.

Turn Down the Volume

Living in an apartment community, you should expect a little noise from the people next door. With that being said, there’s a a difference between a few footsteps overhead and a booming stereo. A constant racket will impact your neighbors’ lives. You never know who’s taking an online class or getting some rest after working a late shift.

Repeated noises while you’re trying to sleep at night are more of an annoyance. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate noisy activities after 9 PM. And be considerate of other occupants if you host parties. Warn them in some fashion if you are throwing a party that might make some noise, then ensure the volume is low on your stereo and urge your friends to be cognizant of the other people in your building. Your neighbors and their eardrums will be thankful.

Couple sitting on the floor with a white dog and boxes.

Make Sure Your Pet Is A Good Bloomington Apartment Neighbor Too

Some people enjoy being around animals, however even the most avid pet-lover doesn’t like living in close proximity to an animal that jumps up and nips. Standard practice suggests you should pick up after your companion, ensure it stays mostly quiet, and put it on a leash when strolling in public places. If your property has pet restrictions, learn and follow them. By doing so, your fellow tenants will enjoy socializing with you and your pet.

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