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The Pros And Cons Of Residing In A New Construction Apartment In Bloomington

October 26, 2023
Exterior of new Continuum apartment building in West Lafayette.

There’s an unquestionable draw to all things new, whether it’s a car, clothing, shoes, or even apartment buildings. Even though it may not always be true, there’s a built-in belief that new is better. But before you become too enamored with those shiny appliances and luxury amenities, consider the pros and cons of living in a new construction apartment in Bloomington. You may decide to go new or opt for a long-established, well-liked community.

Perks Of New Construction Apartments In Bloomington

Kitchen area in modern apartment clubhouse.
It’s hard to look beyond the novelty element when considering where to live. New apartment construction in Bloomington will undoubtedly create much buzz and excitement, but you’ll also find a range of legitimate benefits. Here are the perks for moving to new construction apartments:
  • Amazing amenities: Looking for a state-of-the-art health center, dazzling outdoor areas, or a dedicated dog park? New construction apartments in Bloomington will likely emphasize amenities to bring in Residents.
  • Great move-in specials: When the lengthy construction stage is over, the community will want to locate occupants for their new units. Odds are you’ll discover move-in specials and other offers during the grand opening.
  • Outstanding service: All new apartment complexes want to start with their best foot forward. There’s likely to be a focus on providing great service. Engaged, helpful leasing professionals will make the extra effort to assist you.
  • You get to be first: Everything is new and looks amazing, from the fixtures to the clubhouse. And the idea of being the first to live in a unit is a powerful| inducement.

Cons Of Living In A New Apartment Complex In Bloomington

Outdoor seating with a fire table and pergolas
Living in a new community can be wonderful as you have luxury amenities, exceptional service, and overwhelming appeal. But you shouldn’t expect perfection in each detail. There can be disadvantages to living in a new apartment complex in Bloomington. Here is a sample:
  • Wrinkles to iron out: Just like with any new construction, there might be occasional problems with plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and more. You might need to be patient as things get ironed out.
  • Continuing construction: In the event there are still new apartments under construction at your Bloomington community, you’ll need to cope with the inconveniences like dust and noise.
  • Absence of reviews: You won’t get the advantage of scanning reviews as there aren’t any. You can check reviews from various complexes owned by the same company, but you’ll still be taking a a shot in the dark.
  • Location: New construction is restricted to where land is available, which might not be in the most convenient or popular places. To reside in a new apartment, you could have to deal with being a longer distance from your office, eateries, or entertainment options.

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